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How to Build Global Leaders

To prepare someone to lead globally, development options must equip leaders with the right combination of skills around collaboration and influence.

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How Do You Hire For Brain Diversity?

Lack of brain diversity in the workplace can be as harmful as a lack of gender and racial diversity. Here’s what some companies are doing to embrace employees with neurological differences.

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Driving Home a Lesson on Race

I thought about what would have happened if I’d looked like former NFL player Ray Seals, an African-American man, when I was stopped by a police officer.

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Executive Orders to the Rescue

An executive order prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees, which means 25 percent of the workforce is now legally protected.

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6 Reasons to Not Say ‘Caucasian’

Let’s talk about what to call white people — a tricky subject even though there really are no deeply offensive, racially traumatizing terms that can compare to others used for people of color.